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Supporting the
Custom Integration Community
with Brains and Braun


Technology Specification 

We help with the the big picture - working within your product lines to make sure everything works together. Double checking the parts and pieces to get ahead of the budget busters.

We work closely with your team to identify technology issues, get solid numbers and produce high quality presentation materials to help you close those sales.


You run a growing company. You are pulled in many directions in a day. Growing up in the industry, we know how hard it is to sit down at night and focus on that proposal that is due next week. We are here to help where you need it - doing the tedious grunt work that keeps you at your computer longer that you'd like to.

Never have in internal budget for this stuff? Call us! You may be surprised at the ways we can work together.


Lighting Design

Professional lighting design starts with a professional lighting designer. 

This is segment is new to our industry and our goal is to keep you in front of it.

Developing scope, intent and budget and then creating renderings, RCPs, specifying fixtures and helping with the ordering process - we got your back


Technology Design

Detail, details, details... Network, Audio and Video distribution, Surveillance, Security - anything overlooked can cost a fortune out of your pocket.

We can help design, or just be a second set of eyes to help you sleep at night.


CAD Services

Autocad, Revit and Visio support services. Renderings, product placement, pre-wire layouts, RCPs and elevations make for a smooth production. As-builts and documentation make for an long and easy relationship with your client. Let us help.


Lighting Engineering

Ketra, 0-10 and phase dimming are words not for the feint of heart. We help with keypad placement, circuiting, load specification, BOM, panel elevations and whatever else you may need a second look.



Control 4, Savant, Crestron (Home + SIMPL) and Lutron programming assistance. A happy customer requires a polished UI design and solid programming. We work closely with your team to provide both.


Finding the balance between work load and technicians is a tale as old as time.

Too many technicians and you start digging into your profits when work slows up. Not enough technicians and you run the risk of falling behind on the projects or even worse, burning out your team.

You have invested in training your team the way your company likes to get things done. We recognize that and offer the support you need by being consistent with the team members we assign to your company.

You get the advantages of having A+ technicians when you need them and - if there is not enough work on Thursday and Friday - not worrying about the overhead of paying three technicians for an "office day".


Project Management

Field services starts with knowing what is happening in the field.


Your team is out there meeting with clients, interior designers, electricians and builders.


Our team is helping you manage the communication and documentation.


Installation Support

Talk about heavy lifting. We have all been around a long time and know how frustrating it is to be the last team in the house. Client's seem to be always moving in tomorrow. A helping hand get's the install completed faster.


Pre-Wire & Trim Support

Provide the drawings and materials and we will provide the team to get this labor intensive part of the project under wraps. Quality control and as-built documentation is par for the course.

We offer two ways of working with us: (1) Competitive per-pull rates or (2) we work within your sold budget.

Vybe is a premier, brand agnostic design group for home technology. Lighting design, network design, audio and video distribution surveillance, security and automation - creating a sanctuary you can truly enjoy with the simple touch of a button.

We have a deep understanding of how the  products work. Combine that with a superb network of vendor relationships and an internal Research & Development team and we can ensure that all products will interact as designed.

With more than 70 years combined experience, we have created environments that customers crave.

220 West Fairbanks Avenue

Winter Park, FL 32789


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