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Vybe Technology Services

Residential Technology Advisors

Your Vybe for Builders

Vybe is a premier technology design group for home automation, home audio and video. We work with your Client, Architect, Interior Designer, Electrician and Custom Integrator - to ensure that your vision for the home is realized. The goal is creating a sanctuary that your clients can truly enjoy with the simple touch of a button.

With more than 70 years combined experience, we have created environments that customers crave. They trust us to deliver the simple solutions that allow them to control their residences from anywhere, anytime.

Why B&O?

Why B&O?

At Bang & Olufsen, we adopt a human-centric approach to technology.

We use technology to make people's lives easier and more joyful.

Our products and user experiences are designed and crafted for ease of use.

This is how we define luxury: we place the human experience at the center of technology.

Why Vybe?

Why Vybe?

You build an intimate relationship with your clients to create their dream home. Our team has been working with Builders for over 20 years and respect that relationship.

Whether building a Custom, Spec or Production Home, some kind of technology will be wanted by your client. Vybe insures the right structure is in place at the right time during the sales process. We focus on the bones and build upon a solid wiring foundation. 

We are an unbiased, brand agnostic technology design team. We start our process by working with your team to understand how much technology you want to provide into your home. We also work with the homeowner to understand what they may want in the future.

We produce a Technology Scope, Intent and Budgeting Documentation that reflects the best of class products your clients have come to expect from your team.


Share it with your Architects, Interior Designers, Electricians and Custom Integrators to keep your vision and budgets in line.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Lighting layouts, characterized by circles on plans in tidy geometric grids, deliver enough light to meet building codes –essentially the lowest level of lighting required to be legal. Lighting designers go beyond layouts to consider client needs, budgets, locations, styles, and add in a deeper understanding of the science, technology, psychology, and physiology of light and the human body.

We use different light fixtures, put them in different places, and ask them to deliver different outcomes. The results help our clients wake gently, move energetically, relax easily, and rest deeply, all in a beautiful and comfortable environment after dark.

Technology Design

System Design Services

We are an unbiased, brand agnostic technology design crew. We start our process by working with you to learn how you interact with your home in your day-to-day routine. What products are you comfortable using? Do you have systems in other properties? What technology  brands are you enamored by?

We have a deep understanding of how the  products work. Combine that with a superb network of vendor relationships and an internal Research & Development team and we can ensure that all products will interact as designed.


We work closely with your Architect and Interior Designer to provide a comprehensive smart home package which includes professional CAD blueprints for equipment location, interconnectivity, elevations and product renderings. 

Wrap it up and put a bow on it! You will have a budget, drawings and a good team to help you through the bidding process.

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