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Vybe Technology Services

Residential Technology Advisors

Your Vybe for Home

Vybe is a premier technology design group for home automation, home audio and video. We work with your construction team - Architect, Interior Designer, Contractor, Electrician and Custom Integrator - to ensure that you get the experience you expect. The goal is creating a sanctuary that you can truly enjoy with the simple touch of a button.

With more than 70 years combined experience, we have created environments that customers crave. They trust us to deliver the simple solutions that allow them to control their residences from anywhere, anytime.

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessments

Technology in your home is always changing and aging.

Is your system unserviceable or outdated? Are you considering an upgrade and want to know what you can keep and what you should replace? Are you buying a house with a control system and want to know what you are acquiring? Are you selling your home and want to provide a valuation to the new owner? 

Our technology assessment will provide the information you need to guide your decision for the next generation of smart home products. The documentation will outline what products are no longer supported by the manufacturer, options to replace failed devices and cool, new products for you to consider.

Owner Representation

Owner Representation

Beep Beep Boop Beep Whirl Beep Ding - these may be a bunch of robot noises to you, but they are music to our nerdy ears. 

So you survived through the System Design phase? Next up is the journey through the actual Project Implementation - where those beeps and boops get really loud. Not to worry, we are here to help you interpret them.

If we worked together on the design and budget, we will assist you in vetting Custom Integration companies and reviewing the bids to make sure everything is accurate.

If you worked with a Custom Integrator and want an unbiased second opinion on the design and budget, we are in your corner. 

In either case, we stand by you by offering owner representation and project management throughout all phases of the process: Pre-wire, trim, installation, programming, system commissioning, documentation and training.

System Design

System Design Services

We are an unbiased, brand agnostic technology design crew. We start our process by working with you to learn how you interact with your home in your day-to-day routine. What products are you comfortable using? Do you have systems in other properties? What technology  brands are you enamored by?

We have a deep understanding of how the  products work. Combine that with a superb network of vendor relationships and an internal Research & Development team and we can ensure that all products will interact as designed.


We work closely with your Architect and Interior Designer to provide a comprehensive smart home package which includes professional CAD blueprints for equipment location, interconnectivity, elevations and product renderings. 

Wrap it up and put a bow on it! You will have a budget, drawings and a good team to help you through the bidding process.

Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Smart homes are complicated. At the time of design, best intentions are made to "future proof" the residence. However, companies go out of business, products are discontinued and devices need attention. 

Preventative maintenance wards off a majority of the issues associated with an aging system. Our support plans include quarterly visits to evaluate system statuses, update firmware and offer strategic upgrade paths. Of course, the programs include unlimited support phone calls with remote services where equipment supports it. 

Having a party or returning to the property after an extended absence? We work with your property manager to arrange pre-arrival and pre-party system checkups.

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